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      Call any time for Emergency Pump Service:  253-841-2101

      Water Filtration | Purification | Pumps | Technical Services

      Residential, Commercial & Industrial Water Treatment

      Blue Line Water, Inc. provides comprehensive residential and industrial water treatment, purification and pump system services. We are located in Puyallup, Washington, and serve the Pacific Northwest region. We service all types and brands of water treatment equipment and pump systems, whether installed by us or someone else.

      water filtration system

      If you are searching for water filtration, you've come to the right place. We offer a complete line of high-tech water filtration products and resin bed softeners to correct most water quality problems.

      When microbiological problems are present, the most important stage of the water system is the disinfection process. Blue Line Water offers the most recognized methods available. All the products that we supply are the most effective and current state of the art systems in the disinfection industry.

      As an independent organization we are able to provide a vast selection of high quality equipment and components that provide value and reliability to our clients.

      Water Quality Goulds Pumps Franklin Electric Amtrol Pulsafeeder

      ? Water Testing & Consultation  ?  Pump Systems  ?  Treatment Systems  ?  Well Pumps  ?  Booster Pumps  ?  Chemical Metering Pumps  ?  Constant Pressure Variable Speed Controllers  ?  Water System Operation / Management  ?  Reverse Osmosis  ?  Carbon Cartridge Filters  ?  Sediment Cartridge Filters  ?  Automatic Backwashing Filter Tanks  ?  Water Softening Tanks & Systems  ?  Portable Exchange Tank Service  ?  Ultraviolet Systems & Consumables

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